Welcome Weary Traveler!

My name is Mew and I’ll be your Internet airline stewardess today!

As a 21 year old woman I’m  a curious person by nature, always asking the question why (to both the entertainment and dismay of my loved ones and friends) in order to get the smaller pieces of the big picture.

To me it is of the utmost importance that I explore the bounds of my creativity, and there is nothing more awe-inspiring, beautiful, or wondrous than life itself. With this in mind my blog was born *cue the contractions and crying* as an expression of my exploration of life.

What fun is life though, if you can’t relax and find some happiness in i t?

So sit back, recline in that favorite comfy chair (the one with that hole you’ve been meaning to patch up any day now), and jump down the rabbit hole with me to discover Wonderland.

If there’s anything that tickles your fancy (or rouses a feeling of debate), feel free to comment or request a topic at any time. But until then, peruse the finery that I’ve spent endless hours putting together for you!

Stay Safe Weary Travelers,


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